Thursday, June 25, 2009

Painting Ely

So here's the video...5hrs squeezed into 10 mins.


Alina Michelle Bohm said...

I love that painting. Thanks for posting this, it was really interesting to watch.

Katie said...

YAY!! is your sketch done in burnt umber? i'm still trying to gather what colors to use, and i've seen people using burnt umber a lot for sketching :0

oh bao you should do a livestream! of digipainting or real painting, it would be so cool! :D

CellarDoor said...

i noticed you wear gloves when you paint- why is that?

Bao Pham said...

Katie, the sketch is done with Raw Umber. I usually use Burnt Sienna, or a mixture of that and Ultramarine Blue, which gives a nice gray. Some people use Oxide Red too, and I've also tried just Ultramarine Blue. Yeah, many different ways to go at it.

Ah livestream, I've been thinking about it, seeing you and Jana work was pretty awesome. I'll have to figure it out first though. Feeling lazy now a days:D

Cellardoor, the glove is to protect my hands from the paint, which can be toxic over time. It also makes clean up easier.

Thanks Alina:D

Nguyen Thanh Nhan said...

Lâu quá anh ơi! Xem xong chóng mặt luôn ! Nice art!

Matias ! said...

man i like your paints,your brush is on fire jeje
excuse me but my english is terrible

emma said...

hey bao, strange question maybe, but how many brushes did you use for this one? oils are massively painful for me just in terms of the number of colours to brushes... urgh.

this was really interesting to watch.

Unknown said...

excellent! more videos of you painting please :)

M said...

You've done some beautiful work! I love your sketchbook sketches and great colors. The dress paintings were amazing.

Zalagath said...

The most amazing thing of all this.... is that not many people can say that,aside of being a monster of digital painting, can paint too with the same skill in a real canvas.
I'm totally amazed by your work.
[[[I would ask you for a drawing, portrait or anything (even if it's digitally...It doesn't matter xD) but it would be an abuse because it looks like you're always really busy T_T]]]
Whatever xD, it's good to see that
you can improve too : D.

Waiting for more!

Unknown said...

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