Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plume steps

So, I received my copy yesterday and have been giddy ever since. It was cool to see them post the other concepts for the cover as well as the steps. I thought I would add some more steps and larger images for you all to enjoy. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. This way, I can be more specific in my explanations.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

ack! tried to edit a typo but apparently failed. anyway, what I meant to say was:

I always look forward to absolutely everything that you create. I know you've heard this countless times before, but your work never ceases to astound me.

seriously, it is at the very top of my list of inspiration.

thank you for sharing your bona fide talent..

Becky said...

This is really beautiful! What's your thought process like while building up layers, I mean are you thinking mainly about values or colors or something else?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, Bao
Soon you have to do "video-tutorials" for your fans :D

Rita Ria

Claire Howlett said...

Bao, thanks again for doing our cover for us, we've had so many amazing comments about it, everyone just loves it.

It's a really mesmerizing image and one of my faves for ImagineFX.

Bao Pham said...

Thanks a lot you guys!
Claire, thanks to you and Paul for giving me the opportunity, it was a blast:D

Becky, for the initial sketch I was mainly focusing on the overall feeling that I wanted to convey. That sense of rushing with the feather and fire. This was when I decided my colors as well. Once that's establish , I can focus on getting the forms to recede and come out of the space. I guess the simple answer would be that I focus on creating form by adjusting the values.

Rita, I'm working on it, a couple actually. It makes me nervous whenever I record haha. I'm getting the oil painting video ready to post soon though, so that should be fun. Thanks.

Li Xiang said...

宝!Wooow!非常喜欢这幅作品Love your work very much :P

pyxiee said...

It's always nice to see progress images, they are my favourite :) It would be nice if you did a tutorial or just a general walkthrough on how to paint dragonscales. I love what you did with dragons in this image <3

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