Monday, May 28, 2007

A little thanks

A thanks for all the responses I've received for Mek

Thank you!:D


Anonymous said...

thanks for showing your WIP! I like watching in progress shots. I was just wondering how many layers do you use when you paint? it looks very organic like everything is done on one layer:) Em

Bao Pham said...

Sure thing. It depends on the project, but for this one, it was all on one layer until the fourth one. It was then that I created more layers to define the sketch, and any other layers I may need, for certain details that I'm not sure on keeping for example. It's pretty basic. I try to use the least amount of layer to reduce file size, but it gets big sometimes:}

Anonymous said...

Bao, your work is incredible, your use of color just gorgeous! LOVE your work!!

Francesca said...

thank you for sharing your WIP!! wooow!
it's very interesting to see how you developed your work!!

Vanaomielth said...

The colors and the composition are just amazing ! you'r such a awesome artist my dear ^^.