Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A close-up for Tarnack


Anonymous said...

The eyes are so beautiful! Your coloring technique is equally as admirable. :)

Anonymous said...

this is SUCH a beautiful painting! I saw it on DA and i melted when I looked into his golden eyes.
You are a fantastic digi painter, i cant wait to see a tutorial from you, i think i could really learn alot!

Take care sweetie!
<3 Sah

Francesca said...

I love golden eyes!! and he has such a wonderful pair of golden eyes! :D
I will never be tired to say how much I love your lights and your colors!

oh I really have to paint more to improve... can't wait for your tutorial, I'm sure I'll be able to learn a lot from it!

Vu said...

Hinh dep lam!!! Hoc o dau ma lam gioi vay. Hen se gap Bao de hoc nghe nhe. Anh Vu

Anonymous said...

Hello Bao.

I really love the lighting you are putting on your characters recently. It looks so real.
And do you know who this guy reminds me of? (I don't think that you know it but anyways....) there is a novel called twilight and one of the protagonists is a vampire called Edward Cullen. Your character could really be him - lovely portrait.

Anonymous appreciator ;) (You better don't know my name :P )

Ericka said...

oh man, this is so freaking perfect. You are one of the best artist ive seen on dA. Congrats.

Adam said...

It hurts me how good your stuff is.
Keep em coming!

bheeshoom said...