Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dark Blood

Close up of an image I just finished, with a movie poster theme just for kicks. I'll post the finished piece tomorrow, so stay tuned :]

Photoshop+Painter+Wacom tablet.

Here's the full image


Ciaee said...

Cropped like this, it looks like a beautiful novel cover.

Clown said...

hello bao .
iam is clown .iam really love your painting .really ,i will read yours painting everyday .iam sorry my english was poor .but iam want to tell you .iam love your work .

Bao Pham said...

Ciaee, it actually does, much more fitting:]
Clown, thanks so much! and I understand you clearly:D

Anonymous said...

Just one word: "WOW" !!!!
PS: I simply adore your work. You are an inspiration...

przltn said...

Well-well-well! :D

Long time no seen your works! And i just got a notifying mail about your new stuff!

And this is just great! I really love how the blood flows downward. But the whole img is simply awesome!
I guess, i'll always love your smooth style!

Keep up the good work my friend! :thumbsup: and 5*! :D

Have a nice day!
Zocsi, from CGS ^^

Bao Pham said...

Thanks a lot for dropping by Zocsi, been caught up with a few things, hoping next year will be better. Will be back...:]

Luthien, thanks very much for looking:D

Unknown said...

I am excited about seeing the whole poster!

Shreya said...

Omigawsh, I love it! I especially like the blood flowing down her chest in the full version, it's so beautiful!

Sieghild Erzherzogin von Zeppelin said...

Are you going to make prints of the full size version?? I love it!!!
I have one wall of my room waiting for it!

Darren Jackson said...

I really like this image, blood is always good. Please check my art blog aswell, cheers