Saturday, April 5, 2008

From Demo

I did a digital painting demo last night at the gallery where I show work. I had a great time just painting and answering the odd questions then and again. It got a bit repetitive, as I had expected, but it was great to see so many happy faces when they find out they can do this with photoshop. I also found out was I more comfortable painting in public than I realized.
A lot of portraits, of course. The last one was from life and the rest were from my imaginings.


Anonymous said...

i'm jealous of the people who got to watch you!

that's really all i have to say, hehe :]

Anonymous said...

A lot of time had passed since the last time I came in...and your skill, now, is better than ever.

"Better than yesterday but not better than tomorrow!"

I love your speed paintings and how you get all the colours.
Not only the videos, I've seen (I think) all of the pictures that you have posted and with every one, I'm fascinated and I always give it a try with Photoshop, but , dude, is really hard! xD You make it look so easily to do...
Good work!

-Sorry for the English- P: