Saturday, April 12, 2008

Even more life

What can I say, I haven't been do much to show, so on with more life drawings from the nights before. I've been learning a lot by doing these, very glad I decided to go to these sessions. I would highly recommend it to everyone. You can't beat having a living, moving person in front of you to work from.


Anonymous said...

with lifedrawing, do you get to choose your own medium, or are you assigned what to use?
because i've always wanted to do a class like this, but i hate working with charcoal.. D: messy sticks of black dust.

Bao Pham said...

Actually, the one I'm going to is more of a life drawing group that's held once a week, so you're free to use whatever you chose. If you were to go take a life drawing class, I think you can use graphite sticks or some other black and white drawing medium.
Charcoal dust is pretty nasty, there were several occasions where I inhaled it without realizing it. Sneezing out charcoal isn't fun, but I think if you're careful it should do much except get your hand dirty.