Friday, March 21, 2008

Perfume and pearl

The first one was done while watching 'Perfume'. Great movie, will have to find time to read the book. It's more of an impression of the character than of the actor.
The second one is a more refined piece of the third sister. Both with Photoshop.


melon collie said...

oh man. i've been going through some of your work, and I think it's brilliant.

Do catch the book sometime. The character hits even harder, than in the movie.

Fehr said...

loving your current entries for march
very sketchy and free
a lot of them seem to have similar poses though.

good color work :)

Anonymous said...

you should upload some of these more refined paintings (even just your sketches!) to da.. people there would go nuts over them!
you'd get alot more feedback as well.

拉麵Stan said...

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