Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Charcoal Drawing

Been busy preparing for a show that takes place this Friday at a local gallery. I was able to do a study this evening though. Done with charcoal from a photo. Will do a painting next.
Haven't used charcoal in a long long time, it feels as messy as ever. It really makes you think about every mark.
I also made a charcoal sock, basically a bundle of charcoal powder. It's very useful for laying down the initial tone.


Francesca said...

this is extremely beautiful!!!
so inspiring... you make me want to try charcoal again! (even if I know I would be able to do just a messy nonsense... XD)

veerendra said...

great work !

Richard Morgan said...

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take care

Anonymous said...

wow, you are an amazing artist. Keep up the good work. If I was rich I would buy your work. Take it easy. Jon

Sing Yee said...

Wow... I 'stumble'd onto your blog. :) I'm really attracted to this drawing. It's mesmerizing... *o*

拉麵Stan said...

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