Friday, November 23, 2007

Red Head

Really should be doing my commissions, but when bitten by the bug, you gotta scratch.
Something with fashion:}


Nonie said...

Wow, I love this one... Awesome colors and I like the way you painted into the hair with the background color.

Scott Forbes said...

I love your paintings, they are so imaginative!
I was wondering if you used custom brushes, and if so, where could I find them.

Scott Forbes

Bao Pham said...

Thanks you guys!
scott, this was done with the default brushes of Painter. I haven't gotten around to making any custom ones with this program. I do use a lot of custom brushes in Photoshop though, but I don't have any of them up anywhere at the moment.

Shreya said...

That's just delicious! Fantastic colours, fantastic strokes and a fantastic composition. I looooove the looseness in this piece, well done!

veerendra said...

great works dude !
I liked your style and compositions ..
subscribing rss feed !

Anonymous said...

this is great. i love this!