Monday, October 1, 2007

Diving into something sci-fi ish
Big gun and pretty girl:P
Close to being done I think


Francesca said...

wow, I love the lights... it's really great, and I'm loving that color set! :D
I'm not used to see sci-fi paintings from you, but I'm not surprised you can handle this subject really well! ;P

It's already really beautiful! Can't wait to see it done! ^_^

Oh, I was always reading your post from my feed reader so just now I realize you changed the title-banner of your blog... I love it! so delicate and beautiful!!

Sorry for the long chitchat, but I also have to say I read your article on ImagineFX and I found it really great and inspiring... thank you! :)

Zalagath said...

Francesca have said it and I think the same.
This pic it's terribly cool!
The tenebrous tones...yellow eyes...really great pic :D. I hope I can learn something from your skills ^_^

Bao Pham said...

Thanks Francesca! So glad you like the tut, one of my first ones, very choppy.
I'm not used to sci-fi myself, although I love the subject. About time I move to something else I think:]
Thanks Paula. Hope I gave something for you to learn from:]

拉麵Stan said...

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